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Key Features

Max and Friends Decodable Buddy Readers 

 Buddy/Paired Reading

  • encourages students to practice skills learned 

  • develops confidence and independence in reading

  • supports cooperative learning

  • promotes an interactive and fun reading experience

  • provides opportunities for reading kid to kid, para to student, parent to child, student to volunteer 


The Illustrations

  • Characters chosen and named by kids

  • Illustrations and topics of high interest to kids

  • Minimal picture support

  • In the book “Frog Fibs”, Frog's fib is confirmed by the illustration.

Text Features

  • Intentional and frequent opportunities to practice previously taught phonics skills

  • In the book, “Not at the Mall,” the focus is blends, digraphs and all short vowels

  • Limited high frequency words

  • Individual speaker parts color coded 


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Connections

  • Books list a SEL standard that connects with the story

  • In the book, “Max Has Luck,” the SEL standard of “Relationship Skills” has Max share his luck with a friend


Information Page

  • Located on the inside back cover  

  • Quick reference for teacher of target skills in the book

Max and Pip Books  

Max and Frog Books

Max and Rick Books 

Max and Gus Books 

Max and Splash Books

CVC words starting with vowels a,i.
Blends, all short vowels, exposure to digraphs.

Digraphs, all short vowels, gradual blends.

Blends, digraphs, all short vowels.

Blends, digraphs, all short vowels.

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