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CKReaders Max & Friends Decodable Buddy Readers

The Max and Friends Decodable Buddy Reading Series features thirty engaging, interactive, decodable books for beginning readers. Backed by research, "paired reading improves fluency."

  • The Reading League says "We loved your product!" They vetted us and added us to their approved decodable book list.

  • The Children's Literacy Network in Michigan purchased the Max books to use in their "Read with Kids" Program.

  • A teacher in Massachusetts wrote a grant to provide her Kindergarten center with decodable books for take home bags.  She said that Kinder kids love to buddy read with mom, dad, grandparents and the dog!

  • A team of first grade teachers in Pennsylvania used the books to improve fluency. 

  • Parents at a holiday fair purchased many books to buddy read with their beginning readers at home.

  • A literacy specialist from Virginia told us that they are using the books in their older readers/younger readers buddy program.

  • A principal from Massachusetts loved that paras could buddy read with the first graders.

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